We have an idea…

…and we’re rolling with it.

Similar to how we started our podcast, Joel and Mark have an idea. We don’t have all the details and kinks worked out, but we’re doing something new.

Through our podcast, we’ve made some awesome connections and met a bunch of great artists. Having them on the show and getting to know them is great to know the people behind the song, but we didn’t have a real way to feature their music, aside from a few artists busting out their songs on the show. We wanted to change that.

Introducing Funky Moose Radio. The idea we have now is that we’ll do a weekly, 1-hour show and play songs by artists that have submitted their track through this website. It’ll be audio-only, so you don’t have to look at our mugs. We’ll distribute the show to all major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

So, first things first: We need your music! The more music we can gather initially, the easier it is for us to put the show together. So, help us help you and submit your song!